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Frequently Asked Questions

The Basics

What is the CityMoms Pass?

• CityMoms Pass is a monthly subscription to the best activities, programs, venues and events in your area for kids ages 0-5.

How do I buy the pass?

• For now the Pass is available by invitation only. To receive your invitation go to and enter your email and zip code. If we have a Pass in your area we will send you a private invitation to purchase the Pass and the option to share it with up to three friends.

How do I know what’s on the pass and available to me as a Pass holder?

• Once you have purchased your Pass through the private invitation you will receive a confirmation email with directions on how to download the CityMoms App which will serve as your pass.

Where can I use the CityMoms Pass?

• Play spaces, classes, special events and everything in between. The CityMoms Pass platform is constantly adding new partners and seeking out exciting and interesting events in your area.

What types of activities are available on the CityMoms Pass?

• Music, movement, dance, gym, yoga, sports, arts, drop in play, story times, museums, special and seasonal events.

How many times can I go to each place/class?

• Unless otherwise stated, you can attend each place up to 3 times per month.

How many activities can I do per month?

• You can attend activities every day during the month (unless otherwise stated).

Can I always get into the classes, venues or events that I want?

• Some classes and activities will have limited availability. Those opportunities will allow you to register in advance to secure your spot. We always recommend you book the activities and venues that you want to attend in advance to ensure there is space for you.

Are there restrictions on when I can use my CityMoms Pass?

• Unless otherwise stated the CityMoms Pass can be used during the time frames shown on the App for one class/activity each business/class.

Cost And Commitment

Is the CityMoms Pass a monthly commitment or more?

• It’s a monthly commitment

Does the membership auto-renew?

• Yes.

Can I cancel the Pass if I don’t like or use it?

• Yes, if for any reason you would like to cancel your pass please contact us at least 5 days in advance of your restart date and we will end your membership. You cannot cancel mid month, cancellations will go into effect for the following months membership.

When does the membership begin?

• The day you purchase it.

How much does the CityMoms Pass cost?

• $99 per month

Booking Classes

How do I reserve a class?

• Through your CityMoms app you must be logged in and then simply click the “book” button on the class description page for the class that you are interested in.

How do I cancel a class?

• Once booked, you will be able to “unbook” a class from the same screen.

What is the class cancellation policy?

• In order to give others a chance to take your spot and for businesses to fill their spots we ask for a 12 hour cancellation. If you do not show up, or late cancel that class/event will still be deducted from your monthly limit of 3 visits per business.

Can I drop into a class without registering?

• No but for most classes you can register on the App up until the class/activity starts.

How will I know if I have already been to a location 3 times?

• You can keep track by checking the Profile section of your App. It is updated in real time with the number of visits that you have available at every business. The Profile section is accessed from the left hand side menu in the App.

A class or event I want is sold out, is there a waitlist?

• Yes. There are limited spots on the waitlist. If waitlist spots are available the app will give you that option.


Can I use the pass if I have more than one child?

• For now the Pass allows entry for one adult and one child to places and classes. If you wish to bring two children to locations, you will need to purchase an add one pass for your second child once they are over 6 months of age. Please note if you purchase two passes, you will need to set up two accounts. One for each child and be logged into the correct child’s account through the app to properly book them into a class.

Can my nanny or other caregiver besides me use the pass?

• Yes. There are a few ways to do this. They can download the app to their phones and use your information to login to use the app just as you would as the primary Pass member. You can also sign them up remotely through the app and they will check in with your last name and child’s name at whatever class or event they attend. Either way the reservation must be made through the app to ensure the spot in the class/event.

Can I give the CityMoms Pass as a gift?

•Yes contact contact us and we will custom create a gift card for you.

Why is there a waitlist for my city?

• We will be opening new cities based on interest. For each city, we will open up invitations by zip code and child’s age as we have a good match with the activities on the Pass to ensure the best possible experience for our members.

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