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Pacific Martial Arts

Holding a Master's Degree in Psychology with over 20 years of experience in the field, Mr. Knight is the leading expert in the process of character development through martial arts training. After helping families heal and overcome challenges as a family therapist, he soon realized that the instruction of karate-do was a much more effective way for him to help others develop focus, confidence, leadership and social responsibility.

When Mr. Knight first started training at PMA, he was pursuing his Bachelor's Degree in Psychology. Not long after he started, he noticed an immediate change in his performance as a college student. The training in focus and discipline inherent in karate allowed him to absorb much more in his college classes and the system of progressive challenges with continuous feedback taught him the importance of goal-oriented character developing activities.

These positive experiences made Mr. Knight realize the true value of teaching karate. Therapy focuses on removing negative aspects that are preventing a person from doing well in life. Karate, on the other hand, focuses on building inner strengths. As a result, students become stable, positive and well-rounded individuals, often continuing their personal growth for years or even decades.