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Beverly Hills, CA 90211


SignShine's focus is to support the development of healthy young minds through play, music, and communication. SignShine provides babies, children, parents, children with special needs and professionals with the skills to connect in meaningful and interactive ways.

SignShine's Baby Sign Language classes help your baby or toddler use those natural hand movements to express actual words -- ball, mommy, airplane -- and even concepts -- hungry, help, more -- way before they are actually able to verbalize them. We will teach you how to teach American Sign Language to your baby by using simple, interactive tools such as books, games, songs, and rhymes. In a matter of a few classes, you and your baby will quickly learn and begin using several simple, practical signs.

Uniquely at SignShine, you will also learn valuable parenting skills you can use every day as you nurture your baby's development. Using Baby Sign Language, you will build a stronger parent-child bond because your pre-verbal child will feel understood and valued. We also offer workshops specially designed for caregivers, teachers, educators and therapists.