Krav Maga Worldwide
11400 Olympic Blvd, Suite 100
Los Angeles, CA 90064

Krav Maga Worldwide

Welcome to Krav Maga, the self-defense training program that will strengthen your body, sharpen your mind, and transform your life. At Krav Maga Worldwide, we are dedicated to providing the highest caliber of self-defense instruction to thousands of people, as well as supporting the company’s core commitments to empowering people to be safe, healthy, fit, and confident.

Krav Maga Worldwide, Inc. is the largest reality-based self-defense organization in the world and industry leader in Krav Maga-based self-defense, fitness, and combat. Krav Maga is the official self-defense system of the Israeli Defense Forces, emphasizing instinctive movements, practical techniques, and realistic training scenarios. The Krav Maga system has since expanded across the globe and is now utilized by law enforcement agencies, military personnel, and the average citizen looking to learn practical self-defense and get in shape.

Krav Maga Worldwide offers the following activites in the CityMoms app:

Krav Maga-Xplorers Beginner

30 mins for ages 5 - 7yrs

Krav Maga-Kids Level 1

45 mins for ages 8 - 13yrs

Krav Maga Bag Class

60 mins for ages Adults

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